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januari 2021

We are keeping it cool in the new Street Style Collection!

Watch as INDOLA Ambassador Paddy McDougall walks us through the creation of this #layering look for our spring Street Style Collection. In this video, we take you backstage during our collection shoot to take a closer look at how Paddy creates the cool Ash Brown look. Paddy´s inspiration comes from the contrasting hair palettes of the ’90s – as he maps out this look, he pays close attention to ensure the synergy is kept between Andy Smith’s haircut and his colour work. When it comes to designing a look for a client, consultation is key; the client’s features as well as their lifestyle play an important part in the creation. Taking these elements into consideration can really elevate your salon service and make sure that every client leaves the salon with a truly personalised look. For our model Samira, Paddy has chosen our new Permanent Caring Color Line Extension, encompassing the beautiful new Ash and Ash Chocolate shades. These beautiful shades work well on Samira´s darker hair colour and create a gorgeous tonal effect, with the darker colour palette coming closer to her face in the underlayer and the lightest shade cascading over the top section of her hair. Recreate Paddy’s look with the formula below: Lower Section Permanent Caring Color 5.11 + INDOLA Cream Developer 6% -20 Vol. (1:1) Top Section Roots: Permanent Caring Color 6.18 + INDOLA Cream Developer 6% -20 Vol. (1:1) Lengths: Permanent Caring Color 8.18 + 6.18 + INDOLA Cream Developer 9% -30 Vol. (1:1:2)

Paddy McDougall, Global Ambassador INDOLA